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House Sales made fast and easy

Monday, February 9th, 2015

I recently relocated from U.K. to Canada because of my work in a retail major. My late father had left me a house in Liverpool and I wanted to sell my house fast before I left for Canada, which was due in a month. After a two-week consultation with local real estate agents which left me a couple of hundred pounds light, I was no where near to selling my house. I took the responsibility in my own hands and did a quick internet search for “fast house sales”. This led me to the NPT website and a quick glance through their website was all that I needed. I gave them a call and they answered all my queries and concerns with utmost care. After our discussion, they promised to purchase my house in less than two weeks’ time.
They understood my need to sell my house fast and made an indicative offer. I gladly accepted their offer and confirmed my interest in the deal. Soon their asset manager got two local estate agents in Liverpool to conduct an independent property valuation of my house. Instructing the solicitor, the RICs surveyor and other back end processes were completely taken care of by NPT. The manner in which they worked was remarkably professional and praiseworthy. Through the entire process starting with my call to them to their formal offer to me, they had it all covered. I was not even charged for all the work they did. Added to it, I had the option of not selling my house to them if I decided to do so at some point of time during the deal, with no costs incurred by me whatsoever.

I suggest everyone to give National Property Trade a try before they choose the traditional local real estate agents to sell their houses because it is so much better.