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Ways To Avoid Falling Prey To Online Job Scams

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

There are numerous online job sites offering jobs in a variety of domains and hence using the internet and finding means of earning money is the quickest way. Finding a genuine job online is not without pitfalls though. People who are looking for jobs are easy prey for online job scammers as people tend to apply to jobs without too much discretion as long as it is a lucrative offer. There is much such Click and earn websites to work from home job scams which people should be wary.
Thorough research by websites like https://jefflenney.com/product-reviews/neobux-review/ helps, but with reports from www.entrepreneur.com stating that scammers are now using sophisticated ways to con people, proper due diligence by job seekers is critical. Being aware of job scams is the first step to keeping yourself secure from such online job scams. Below are a few useful tips to help you avoid falling for scam jobs.

Look for warning signs: If you look closely at a job position on offer, there are specific warning signs which can warn you that this is a scam. The ads posted by a fake company will have errors in spellings and grammar. The email domain of the contact person will not be of the principal domain name of the organization. The email address of the company will look very suspicious, ensure you look at the domain name of the email you receive from the company.

Do not disclose bank details: Some fake companies will place ads stating you need to pay an advance cash for you to get a job or they may even ask for your bank account details to deposit some money into your account. All these are warning signs you can catch if you are alert. A legitimate company will pay you only based on your qualification and experience and will not pay you upfront, and they will also ask you to fill legal paperwork before you become their employee.

Do your homework: Theft of identity is on the rise. Many people are in the hunt for personal information; the primary target is job seekers. They use of various means to obtain your data and use it for criminal activities. Beware of where you are posting your details and list out all the places where you have put out your details. Ensure that the website you post your details, personal information and your bank account details are secure and start with the URL https: Do your homework and use your discretion when posting your details on unknown portals. If you receive an email from a company offering work from home opportunities, do a thorough research of the company, look for all the red flags and refrain from giving out your details through email or phone.

Work with known job consultants: It is hard to reject an offer which looks good, but be cautious as this may be a scam. If possible look for headhunters or portals which are reputed, do not post your details and fill application details without researching about the company.