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Take A Look At The Main Types Of Personal Injuries

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Personal Injuries

Almost all of us get injured in one way or the other on many occasions of our life. After all, life is always a package of good and bad moments balanced with love, care, and commitments. Among the injuries that come unannounced, most of them are caused by some other person’s negligence or carelessness. In such cases, the injured person can claim for compensation from the defaulter with the help of legal personal injury experts like Uplift Legal Funding. You could get more information about the legal formalities involved from www.Nolo.com.

Take a look at some of the most common types of personal injuries:

Defective Product Injuries
The products, which are sold at shops are supposed to be safe for usage and is not supposed to cause any harm to the user. If any products cause injuries to the user, then the manufacturer of the product is held responsible for the same.

Harmful Drugs Injury
Drugs have to be manufactured in such a way that it strictly adheres to the safety precautions and rules. In any case, if unsafe drugs are introduced to the market, and people get unwell due to usage, then the manufacturer is deemed responsible for it. A lawsuit can be filed against the drug company, and they will have to take the responsibility for the damages caused.

Car Accident Injuries
Car accidents are undoubtedly one of the most common causes of personal injuries. It is preferred that all the car drivers carry their licenses along with them as they might need it at any moment. In car accidents, if it is proved that the defaulter had been driving carefully or without following the road rules, then he/she is liable to pay compensation to the injured person.

Dangerous Premises
Any unsafe or dangerous conditions existing at a property or public place causing accidents or injuries to people, then the owner is considered responsible for causing the injury.

Misdiagnosis Injuries
If a doctor or health practitioner misdiagnosis a patient’s health condition and causes the condition to worsen or cause injuries, then they are held accountable for the injuries caused to the patient.

Medical Malpractice Injuries
All the doctors are bound by the law to protect the patients from danger and provide them the needed care and medication. If they fail to do so and cause injuries to the patient due to their negligence or carelessness, the doctor is bound to be liable for all the losses incurred by the patient.

Intentional Behavior Injuries
If a person intentionally hurts another person, then the injured person can file a lawsuit against the person who caused injuries to him/her. The same law holds true even if the person hurts another one unintentionally. For example, if a person throws a stone at someone else and it instead hits you and injures you; then you can file a lawsuit against that person and get compensation for the injury caused.

Dog Bite Injuries
Injuries caused due to dog bites or aggression is accountable by the dog owner. The injured person can sue the dog owner and demand compensations from him/her.