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Pre-Employment Check Criteria For A New Job

Friday, July 15th, 2016

3072568_origNowadays most of the companies recruit employees on successful completion of background check in addition to other screening processes. A resume is a marketing document and you should not include any negative things in your resume. Sometimes you may ignore to mention the details of short term jobs which you were forced to leave because of any bad records.  During the check, there are high chances to reveal all those details to the company and you may lose the offer if the result of the background check is negative.

You can expect the following checks during the background verification. The first one is criminal records. Prospective employers check for the criminal details of the shortlisted candidates first. It helps them to find out whether he or she has done any criminal activities against the state law. If possible you can write a document with the proper evidence along with the court judgment.

A pre-employment background check also contains credit check. Did you have the practice of late credit card payments? Also, your employers also consider the student loan defaults. Hope the employers will not treat you harshly if the debt is because of any medical emergencies. It is better to analyze your credit details and pay any debt about before applying for a job.

Next, is your educational, certification and license check. Have you told a lie to the employers about your education? There are more chances of negative feedback from your school or college. Your college may claim that you have not yet paid your library fine or you still have not yet received your degree? If anything similar to that occurs in your case, you must complete it before applying for a new job. It is easy to check your license and certificates since all these are public records. It is wise not to lie anything about your education because your employees will find it easily.

The companies even check your electronic trial like your Facebook shares, your tweets, blogs etc. It is very simple to find all such details online. It is better to clear everything before applying for a job. They also check your driving records. It is also a public record and is easily accessible. If you have previously filed a case for harsh driving or accident, then it limits you to get a new job.

In Military records, only limited details can be found put by the employers since it is very confidential. The details like your rank, duty, salary and award are easy to find. If an employer denies you a job since you may be called for active duty then it is considered as illegal.

Like the driving, educational details, the bankruptcy details are available in public records and if you come across any bankruptcy cases before then your employers will easily come to know about that.

These are the things you can expect from the background check when you apply for a new job. You must clear any negative things before it creates a problem for your job. The old convictions which happened several years back may prevent you to get a new job now.