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What is Selectabase and What Does it Do? Find Out

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


Selectabase is a company that promises to take you to the new frontier in online marketing and make your online campaigns a pure success. Today, most online marketing efforts needs to be targeted on a certain audience or prospects that can readily be converted to customers. One special way of staying on top of your marketing game is to create a very targeted list of prospects and market to it. It is not a simple process to create your own list, however, given that you are just starting your online business and therefore you do not have any traffic yet. This is where Selectabase comes in.

Selectabase is an online service provider that gets you a list of prospects you can market to and expect high conversion rate since their email lists are always clean. They have service packages to go with the list you obtain from them, and the service packages includes a comprehensive accounting help for those who are still operating small to medium online business world.

The list of targeted prospects is based in age, gender, shopping preferences and most importantly, location. This makes it easy to attain a response rate you expect from your email campaign and make the necessary amount of sales. A targeted email campaign that commands a high response rate also ensures that every investment in time and money is worth it.

The company encourages customers to provide feedback also. You can therefore contact Selectabase to ask questions and also make suggestions. The company also provides postcode services that most of other email list providers do not. Some freebies such as letter writing tools, start ups reports and so on are also provided by the company.

To take advantage of the services provided by Selectabase, visit their official website and sign up then follow the short video guides on how their services work and you will be ready to start marketing to your new list of prospects. Additionally, you can check out there blog for free tips on how to handle marketing campaigns today.